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Available in all finishes and most sizes and forms. Escutcheons come in the standard format of a key hole cover. Suitable for either a Standard Key (also fits chubb), Euro Cylinder or Oval Cylinder. The Escutcheon itself can be Rectangular, Square, Round or Oval. We manufacture most sizes to customer requirements.

Escutcheons & Pulls available in SAA, PSS, SSS, PB, SB
Oval Escutcheon
57mm x 44mm
Standard Escutcheon
57mm x 44mm
Euro Escutcheon
57mm x 44m
Round Escutcheon
Rectangular Escutcheon Oval Hole
38mm x 19mm
Chubb Mortice Lock Escutcheon 7mm Hole
38mm x 19mm
Rectangular Escutcheon 6mm Hole
38mm x 19mm
Rectangular Escutcheon 12mm Hole
38mm x 19mm